Children's Martials Arts and BJJ Training on the Gold Coast

Help your children develop confidence, skills and fitness to serve them a lifetime.

What are the benefits of joining our Martial Arts Program for kids

Get your kids off the screens! We know for some of you that will not be a simple task. If you do we can promise you that the 2-3 hours a week they spend at our school will benefit them in many ways.

The art of Jiu-Jitsu teaches so many life lessons and strengths to children. Focus, discipline and kids' fitness are just a few of those skills BJJ teaches.

Throughout our site, you will see us call it the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. What does this mean to your kids past being able to defend themselves from bullies?

  • The Gracie Barra Kids Program will expose your kid's challenges that will help them grow in confidence
  • They will learn to interact with other children who are not on the other end of a screen
  • They will be taught how important respect for your training partner is
  • They will need to help other children learn techniques just as others will help teach them
  • They will learn how to win and how to lose in a safe environment
  • That effort equals results as they improve

If you do have a child that you think could benefit from any or all of the above please come in for a trial lesson and speak to the other parents for guidance. We know from experience that BJJ kids grow into resilient and confident adults.  

  • Tiny Champions (3-4 years old)
  • Little Champions I (5-6 years old)
  • Little Champions II (7-9 Years Old)
  • Juniors & Teens (10-14 years old)

Come in for a free trial to see how your kids enjoy their time on the mats.